Management Partners LLC - "Bringing Value To Each Relationship"
My small business needs help. What do I do?
I have built this company from the ground up. What's next?
My bank has advised me they are not renewing my loan. Now what?
I have a short pay-off opportunity. How do I take advantage?
A lack of answers to the above questions led  to the formation of Management Partners LLC. Our company has two focuses: one, we consult to small businesses. Our clients are family owned or closely held and have revenues of between $2 million and $20 million and cover the spectrum of business types. Let us work with you to find the values in your processes. Second, we provide lending brokerage services. Through a network of lenders we are able to source financing to fund coming maturities, take advantage of short payoffs, and help you deal with your bank during difficult negotiations.   
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